Amateur cake decorators battle to win the Cake War

Delaney Worth, Contributing Writer

Although Bostwick Marketplace closed early on Nov. 14, the closure provided at least 10 large cakes and a myriad of cupcakes. Activities and Campus Events (ACE) hosted a free, fun, and delicious two-hour contest called Cake Wars Remix to discover the best cake-decorators at the University.

Groups went all-out to express support for their team by showing up in custom aprons or T-shirts and with definitive plans. Each table had one large vanilla cake, one small vanilla cake, and one small chocolate cake, along with a large bowl of vanilla frosting. A central table had bowls of nearly every candy and topping imaginable, as well as food coloring for some very creative creations. The possibilities were endless, and each group had incredible results. There was a beach cake, a bridge cake, a gingerbread house, a cake in the shape of Olaf from “Frozen” and plenty of other artistic and delicious-looking creations.

Lindsay Schafer ’18 and Sara Christian ’18, two bakers of a “party fortress” cake, were extremely happy with the event.

“Cake Wars was really fun and we worked very hard on making our cake perfect,” Schafer said.

“I had a great time with great people making a cake that tasted and looked fabulous. It was such a good idea for a low-key but really fun Friday night,” Christian said.

There were also numerous mini-contests that broke up the time, including a cupcake-eating contest and poster decorating. 

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