Dancers You May Know

Jen Lassen, Senior Editor

Name: Caroline Way ’15

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Major: Early Childhood Education, minor in Dance

Dance group/involvement: Bucknell Dance Company, Dance Showcase choreographer

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Mashed potatoes

Name: Catherine Higgins ’18

Hometown: Watchung, N.J.

Major: Undecided, minor in Dance
Dance group/involvement: Dance Showcase, Bison Girls

Favorite Thanksgiving food: Turkey
Name: Liz Higgins ’15
Major: International Relations and Spanish
Hometown: Watchung, N.J.
Dance group/involvement: Dance Showcase director, dancer, and Dance Department TA
Favorite Thanksgiving food: “Bread of all kinds.”
Becca Glynn ’15
Major: Biology and Biochemistry, minor in Math (Statistics)
Hometown: Abington, Pa.
Dance group/involvement: Bison Girls, Dance Showcase
Favorite Thanksgiving Food: “It’s a tie between stuffing and apple pie.”
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