The Department of Theatre and Dance Presents the Fall Dance Showcase

Mae-Emlyn Currie, Staff Writer

On Nov. 14 and 15, the Department of Theatre and Dance presented the Fall Dance Showcase in Harvey M. Powers Theatre.

The Dance Showcase highlighted the talents of both student and faculty choreographers. Numbers such as “Andiamo!,” “The Raven,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” and “Toxic” were choreographed by students Nicole Davis ’15, Marisa Patti ’16, Melissa Dunne ’15, and Madison McKenna ’16, respectively. Faculty members Karen Schatten-Lock, Er-dong Hu, and Kelly Knox were also choreographers for the showcase. In addition to the student and faculty numbers, the showcase featured performances from the Ballet I and Jazz I classes.

“One of my favorite aspects of the dance program is having the opportunity to choreograph as a student. The dancers are amazingly committed and it is a truly brilliant experience to watch the evolution of your work, which culminates in seeing your vision come to life on stage,” Dunne said.

Attendance was extremely strong on Nov. 15—the show even had to be delayed because the line went out the door and there were few open seats. Throughout the showcase, the audience was treated to a variety of songs and dancing styles such as modern dance, ballet, and jazz.

“The show was interesting and offered a variety of dances that kept the audience interested and amused,” Anna Gould ’18 said.

“The show was well put together. The dances were well-prepared, and the show had a variety of song choices. My favorite dance was ‘Waltz of the Faux-Flakes’ because the flakes that were falling were really pretty. And the guys were funny! Also, it was refreshing to see kids in ‘August Rhapsody,’” Kayla Holman ’18 said.

The night ended with a faculty-choreographed piece titled “The Love Project,” by Knox. Songs from artists such as Train, Edith Piaf, The Carpenters, Dick Van Dyke, and Lynden David Hall were arranged into the number.

“[‘The Love Project’] is about all different types of love between friends or siblings and the joy it brings,” said Ridhi Sahani ’18, a dancer in “The Love Project.”

“The Showcase was a great experience to be a part of and was a mix of student choreography as well as professors and residencies. I felt like I was able to grow as a dancer and get to know great people and dancers,” Sahani said.

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