ACE’s DIY Night brings out students’ creative side

Rachel Chou, Assistant Campus Life Editor

The student space in the Elaine Langone Center was an arts and crafts lovers’ haven on Nov. 21. Strewn across the tables were colorful ribbons, markers, puffy paint, and art supplies galore for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Night hosted by Activities and Campus Events (ACE).

At the event, attendees could paint mason jars, make mugs, decorate cork boards, make picture frames, and create stuffed animals, which was the biggest hit of the night. There was an abundance of stuffing to use to fill your desired animal friend, along with purple and yellow plush stars to add a personal touch. There were frogs, lions, and bears of all colors, including a fun tie-dye pink and purple color. The stuffed animals ran out in the first hour or two due to the massive amount of people wanting to bring home a fluffy friend.

In addition to the crafts, ACE served food and played music to add to the lively ambiance. At one point, even Christmas music was played to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

“ACE’s DIY night was really cool and a lot of fun. I especially liked the stuffed animal creation station,” Rachel Healy ’16 said.

The event was created for those who may have been inspired by DIY projects but never got the chance to try them. Attendees were able to to bring out their creative side while enjoying music, food, and company.

“[DIY Night] was a great idea! I love being creative, and this was an opportunity to express my creative self,” Anna Oluyomi ’17 said.

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