Name: Liz Baldwin ’16
Hometown: Scotch Plains, N.J.
Major: Psychology and French, minor in Education
Favorite class taken at the University: “Francophone Africa with Professor Angele Kingué. And MGMT 101 of course!”
Plans for winter break: “I leave for Bucknell en France on Jan. 4, so break will be exciting but short.”
Name: Jen Bush ’15
Hometown: Hinsdale, Ill.
Major: Sociology, intended minor in Linguistics
Favorite class taken at the University: “Hands down MGMT 101 with Professor Jamie Hendry (hence, the reason I applied to be a TA), but beyond stating the obvious, Family & Marriages with Professor Deborah Abowitz is definitely a favorite as well.”
Plans for winter break: “Spend time with family and friends, continue my job-search quest, and eat deep dish pizza as often as possible.”
Name: Devin Collins ’16
Hometown: Sherborn, Mass.
Major: Markets, Innovation & Design, minor in Creative Writing
Favorite class taken at the University: “MGMT 101 with Professor Eric Martin … it’s actually the reason I became a TA.”
Plans for winter break: “Hanging out with my family and getting ready to study abroad in Prague for the spring semester!”
JT Engels ’15
Hometown: Marlboro, N.J.
Major: Accounting and Financial Management
Favorite class taken at the University: “MGMT 101. Surprising, right?”
Plans for winter break: “I definitely plan on relaxing, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family. I love the malls during the holiday season, so I may spend a good amount of time in Freehold Mall. I may even visit some friends in the Pittsburgh and Chicago areas. I don’t really have any concrete plans. I tend to just go where the wind takes me!”
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