Letter to the Editor 154.12.3

To Whom it May Concern:

Throughout the past year, many discussions in the Greek community have centered around the topic of ratios, a practice that has been used for entry to fraternity parties. Ratios are often cited as creating a mindset that can lead to sexual assault. As council presidents, we have actively spoken out against sexual assault and the objectification of women throughout our term. While we recognize this is a major issue on this campus, it is important to realize that this is an issue that occurs elsewhere. The concept of the ratio is evidence of a larger societal problem across the country.

Those in leadership positions in our Greek community have made efforts to move away from the ratio and encourage more equal acceptance into fraternity parties. We do not in any way condone behaviors that objectify women. Many programs have been initiated that address the sexual assault issues in our community.

We as leaders can only do so much to move our community forward. We challenge the community to make this change with us; we need everyone to participate. We have stood up against sexual assault, but it is important for individuals to take responsibility and not support the groups who promote these behaviors. If an organization participates in behaviors that you do not agree with, do not support those organizations. Do not go to their parties. It will take more than a few people actively discouraging this behavior. Change takes time and requires everyone to participate. We can make rules and encourage certain behaviors, but it will take everyone’s support and cooperation to truly make a change on our campus.


JT Engels ’15, Interfraternity Council President

Erica Shartle ’15, Panhellenic Council President

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