Campus Climate prompts changes

Brianna Marshall, Senior Writer

The topic of Campus Climate has been familiar to University students since the release of the Campus Climate Report in 2011. This initial conversation has had a lasting effect on student life, and Bucknell Student Government (BSG) continues to play a key role in this process. BSG hosted the 2014 Campus Climate Panel on Nov. 11 to receive student input about the current state of campus culture.

“Since the Campus Climate Panel, the BSG Executive Board discussed this year’s findings with President [John] Bravman, Provost [Mick] Smyer, and Dean [Susan] Lantz. BSG continues to work with the administration to develop new policies and programs to address student concerns,” BSG President Loren Jablon ’15 said.

BSG also hosted a Student Input Drive on Nov. 19 to further engage students in the Campus Climate conversation. Students were encouraged to provide suggestions about changes that could benefit campus, and these suggestions are currently on display in the Elaine Langone Center mail room.

Student involvement in events such as the Campus Climate Panel has previously led to the creation of new programming such as Lessons on Leadership (LOL), which addresses student leadership training through the partnership of BSG and the Campus Activities and Programs (CAP) Center.

The BSG Committee on Diversity Affairs used student interest to create an annual Diversity Leadership Summit. Student concern about late night dining options prompted BSG student affairs to work to make the Flying Bison available to students on Wednesday nights. Further beneficial changes to student life will hopefully result from this year’s conversation.

“It is important for students to remember that policy changes take time to research, create, and implement,” Jablon said.

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