New semester brings University changes

Christina Canady, Contributing Writer

The start of a new year has brought a plethora of changes to the University campus. These new incorporations include a new printing system, state-of-the-art washers and dryers in dorms, and adjustments to the food stations in the Bison. Though many students are excited about the transformations, some are more comfortable with past arrangements.

The University introduced an innovative printing system called Follow-Me Printing this semester.  Follow-Me Printing allows students to print from the convenience of their personal computers using their student IDs. This convenience is available in the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library as well as the Hearth Space of the ELC. There is also a color printing option now available in the library.

“It is better that they now have color printing in the library even though you are charged. Color printing is such a nice option since you no longer have to go to the CAP Center, so it is much less of a hassle,” Erin Reph ’18 said.

This semester the Bison has adjusted their environment and added a grilled cheese bar section. The popular Bada Basil station has moved into the main section of the Bison where the majority of the food stations are held and the Smokehouse BBQ has replaced Bada Basil’s original larger location.

Sarah Andrews ’16 has yet to try the changes in the Bison because she has never altered or adjusted her “Bison routine.”

“I always get a salad for lunch and Bada Basil for dinner, I’m not intrigued by all of the new bells and whistles,” Andrews said.

Many of the buildings have also added new washers and dryers. Danielle Baer ’18 has found the new laundry machines a much easier process. “Both the washers and dryers take a shorter amount of time which makes machines more available. It is no longer impossible to find an empty washing machine on a Sunday night,” Baer said. 

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