Uptown hosts Back to School Party

Rachel Chou, Campus Life Editor

Uptown hosted a welcome back dance party on Jan. 17. for back to school. The event had very poor attendance.


“The music was great and we appreciate the DJ’s hard work, but unfortunately not that many people showed up. We are not sure if this was due to advertising or if there were just too many conflicting events such as Bingo Blingo. The people who did come had fun, but it is always more fun with a bigger crowd,”Uptown staff member Nicole Srbin ’16 said.


Only fifteen people showed up to the dance party. Srbin says that the staff had been very enthusiastic about the event, making alerts about the event through social media. They were hoping for a big turnout.


“We had to cut down on the food we serve because a lot of it goes to waste when people do not show up. Or they come and fill up containers and leave,” Srbin said.


Although only a few people showed up to the event, the ingredients of the party were a recipe for what could have been a successful night. There was a playlist of mainly hip-hop and pop music for partygoers to dance to under colorful fluorescent lights. The staff set up a fog machine to add an ambiance to the club-like setting. There were chips and cookies, as well as a selection of drinks.


“It was the first weekend back and I’m assuming that it was a very busy weekend for everyone”Tim Kim ’16 said. “I had a good time. Free soda, good music. What more can I say?”

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