University Applications Skyrocket


Cooper Josephs, Assistant News Editor

Clarkston, Mich. native Mitchell Petrimoulx ’18 heard about the University after going through a “Top 100 colleges” list for engineering.

“When most people from my hometown hear I go to Bucknell, they say, ‘you go to where?’” Petrimoulx said.

The University’s relatively unknown national and international status as “that smart guy at the back of the classroom” is quickly changing, however.

The class of 2019 set a new all-time record for the number of admission applications received. The pool crushed the preceding record set in the 2006 admissions year by more than 1,800.

As of Jan. 27, the University received 10,925 applications—just short of a 39 percent increase compared to last year’s admissions. The acceptance rate is yet to be calculated because the total number of accepted students is still unknown.

The spike in applicants is largely attributed to the University’s efforts in expanding its national reputation.

“We contacted many more students than we have in the past, including those on the West Coast and in the Midwest and South, to tell them who we are and what we do,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Bill Conley said.

Even with a higher number of applicants, the quality of the students is just as strong when compared to last year’s pool, Assistant Vice President of Communications Andy Hirsch said.

Other factors might play a role in the application spike, such as the updated University website that includes a new virtual tour feature, as well as a reduced application fee from $60 to $40.  The University also removed the supplemental 500-word essay component of its application.  

In addition, admissions started using a new volunteer program connecting local University alumni with prospective students and their families.

A new online tool to connect with prospective students will be released this summer as well.  

The University still plans to aim for a class size of 940–the same as the 2018 graduating class size.






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