Double Header Entertainment brings laughs to students

Doug Hendry, Managing Editor

Activities & Campus Events (ACE) brought a duo of performers to the Student Space on Jan. 30 as part of their Double Header Entertainment night. Comedian Corey Rodrigues started the night off while poet G Yamazawa stepped up with his spoken word performance.

“Both performances were excellent. Corey Rodrigues had the audience laughing the whole time, and G Yamazawa’s verses were captivating,”Alex Fox ’17 said.

Winner of the 2011 Funniest Comic in New England Contest, Rodrigues brought his comedic talents to Lewisburg for a night to entertain his audience. Often jarring jokingly with specific students throughout the night, Rodrigues made jokes of everything from fears to pets to the University’s squirrels.

Yamazawa, of Japanese descent and living in North Carolina, performed many poems through spoken word regarding his ancestry and family. Each transition set up his next poem, while each poem portrayed a moving story about his experiences and what it meant for him to be of Japanese descent in the United States. He still was able to keep it interactive and lively for the audience as well.

Both performers highlighted a rather successful night, as many students came out to see the two artists. The upbeat mood and refreshments kept the energy high.

“G Yamazawa was thought-provoking, while at the same time engaging and funny. Together with Corey, the Double Header event was hilarious and a great time,” ACE member Chris Schwake ’16 said.

Tonight, ACE returns with BU After Dark in the Gerhard Fieldhouse with plenty of different activities for students.




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