WE DO takes Los Angeles


Hunter Campbell, Senior Writer

On Feb. 7, President John Bravman, along with several distinguished faculty members, selected current students, future students, board members, friends and family of current students, and alumni, gathered in Los Angeles for a stop on the 2015 WE DO Tour.

The event took place at the CBS Television City Studio on the “The Price Is Right” set. Gary Sojka,  the University’s 13th president and Honorary Campaign Co-Chair, welcomed the attendees, accompanied by current student Marco Valdez ’15. Southern California Campaign Leader Peter O’Keeffe ’72 gave the opening remarks before Jen Lassen ’15 introduced President Bravman, who gave the Keynote speech.

“The WE DO tour brings a piece of Bucknell to our alumni, families, friends, and volunteers across the country,”Assistant VP of Communications Andy Hirsch said. “The events are intended to give our guests an interactive experience that allows them to engage with current faculty, students, coaches, and staff, and also hear about innovative research being done across campus and learn more about the WE DO Campaign—and, through it, what Bucknell is striving to become.” 

Renowned professors Eric Faden, Associate Professor of English, and Elizabeth Capaldi, Associate Professor of Biology,  gave “snap talks” on English and Film/Media Studies and Biology and Animal Behavior, respectively, describing their passion for teaching University students. The Posse members of the incoming class of 2019 were in attendance as well, and the event gave them a look at their future University careers. Afterward, attendees were invited to mingle with students and faculty during a “strolling dinner” in which faculty members and eight current students were on hand to discuss their own academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

“When asked what I would change about Bucknell, I would always say, ‘Take Bucknell to L.A.!’ This event finally made it happen! From spinning the wheel on ‘The Price Is Right’ to sitting two rows away from Bill Westenhofer [Bucknell alum and two-time Academy Award winner], the experience was a once in a lifetime experience for many, if not all of those who attended the event,” Valdez said.

Katie Price ’16, captain of the women’s volleyball team, attended the event on behalf of the University’s athletics.

“It was sensational to feel the passion that all of the 300 guests have for the future of success and sustainability at Bucknell,” Price said. “It was such an honor to hear President Bravman and Mr. Gary Sojka speak about their confidence in Bucknell students and the importance of investing in our people, places, and programs.”

“It gave past and future Bucknellians the chance to see how amazing Bucknell is and will continue to be as we transition into a new Bucknell,” Valdez said. “It was an event that made me feel incredibly proud of being an L.A. native at Bucknell.”

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