“Racial Contact” breaks barriers

Brianna Marshall, Senior Writer

“What happens when we put 11 Bucknell students of different races in a room together and have them make art about race?” According to a group of student performers, the answer is “Racial Contact,” a student-led theatre production, which was performed on Feb. 7 in Hunt Hall.

The 20-minute performance, sponsored by the University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), was followed by open audience discussion.

Directed by Gregory Wolf ’17, the play focused on the appreciation of differences in racial experiences among a diverse group of individuals. The cast consisted of Lisa Hubbard ’15, Rodney West ’17, Evan Turissini ’16, Sandra Castillo ’16, Tomo Tagawa, Alejandra Fuente Robles (Gr.), Andy Alder ’18, Andranae Nelson ’17, Tamara Hijazi ’17, and Jeanne-Jo Gregory ’17.

With a group of University students ranging in age, race and gender, “Racial Contact” told the stories of these individuals through an artistic medium. Participation in the play was completely voluntary and cast members exchanged personal stories with each other for use as the subject matter of the play.

“A lot of the performance was very abstract, leaving enough space for the audience to interpret what was going on in each scene,” Hubbard said.

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