If you’re ridin’ solo this Saturday…

Courtney Wren, Campus Life Editor

I was in a relationship for two years, and yet I have never been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. Riddle me that. In full disclosure, it just so happened that we took a break each time Valentine’s Day rolled around, and it just so happened that each Valentine’s Day ended with some sort of junk food, my couch, and myself. In any case, I am well versed in the ever-popular but rarely talked about “Being Single on Valentines Day,” so here are some ideas:

 -Spend a night in

Take this night to yourself. Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Saturday this year, and this presents the perfect excuse to stay in on a Saturday. Watch some Netflix or eat some food. Do whatever makes you happy. You’re single; you don’t have to answer to anybody.

-Go see a movie

Rather than having to concern yourself with entertaining your significant other during a movie, go see a movie with some of your best friends. Take your pledge class or take your volleyball team—it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you buy your tickets in advance because it is likely that everyone else will have the same idea.

-Call your grandparents

They miss you and they will still love you even though you’re single. They’ll love you even more if you give them a call.

-Do something that you wouldn’t normally do

There’s a bowling alley and a roller rink in close proximity to campus! Who knew? You do now! There’s also Reptiland just 15 minutes away. What screams single on Valentine’s Day more than some reptiles? Nothing!

-Go home and surprise your parents

They’ll love it! They might have plans of their own, but that won’t deter them from at least saying hi to you before going out to a romantic dinner. If you have a pet, it will keep you company while your parents dance the night away.

-Online Shop

There will be a lot of sales. I’m not sure why, but there are always Valentine’s Day Sales.

-Make a drastic physical change

Get a nose piercing! Cut your hair! If you look different, you’ll feel different (in theory).

-Watch the Pregnancy Pact

Nothing says “I’d rather be single than pregnant” quite like watching a movie about a bunch of pregnant teenagers.

However you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day, just know that you are not alone.

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