BSG to hold first annual ball

Caroline Fassett, Senior Writer

Though a bitterly cold and aggressively windy winter has been keeping many students tied to their dorms on the weekends, the Bucknell Student Government is expecting many to brave the weather for an extravagant night filled with food and dancing.

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) will host the University’s first annual Bucknell Student Government Ball on Feb. 21 from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Uptown. The ball will be red carpet-themed, so the entire student body is encouraged to come out dressed in their best semi-formal attire.

Alexandra Rosen ’16, President of the BSG Executive Board, said she hoped to emphasize that the event is open to everyone in the University community.

“Some people don’t get the opportunity to get dressed up and go to a formal if they’re not in a Greek organization. That’s why we created something open to the entire public, for everyone to take part in,” Rosen said.

Food and refreshments will be available to all, including alcohol for those 21 and over. The night’s music will be provided by pre-made playlists, though there will be a karaoke machine open for all students to use.

Gregory Chassapis ’16, Vice President of Finance, said that frugality is a necessary factor in putting together this event.

“Especially since this is the first time we’re doing this, we need to gauge how much money we’re spending. If we have the ball and we figure out we need more food, or there weren’t enough events [for the students] to do, we’ll know to compensate and improve it for next year,” Chassapis said.

The conception of the Ball was the result of collaboration within the Executive Board, with the goal of  connecting the student body in mind.

“We all identified that there was a lack of some sort of bonding event, and we decided that something like this would help. So we sat down and figured out what the best way to solve that problem was, and we came up with this,” Chassapis said.

“It’s a way for people to get to know who’s on BSG, who’s representing them, and get to meet them,” Rosen said.

BSG members said that a long red carpet and a photographer will be a part of the features that will help to create the formal atmosphere of the night.

“We’re really catering to the students. We really want people to get involved and be excited about what we’re doing in BSG. And we’re really excited to get to know the student body,” Rosen said.  

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