Great Gatsby Soirée hosted at Uptown

Rachel Chou, Campus Life Editor

On Feb. 14, students had a chance to be transported back into the 1920s, the carefree and wild era that inspired the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The register was hosted by Uptown and featured live music by a jazz trio called Threads. There was also wine and beer served at the bar for anyone over the age of 21.

“We had a decent number of people. The food was good and so was the music,” Nicole Srbin ’16, who was working at the event, said.

Though some Uptown events tend to have poor attendance, this particular event drew in a sizable crowd.

“It was a great event. The live jazz music was a lot of fun and we (who work at Uptown) hope that in the future more people will be able to come out,” Yessi Gomez ’16 said.

Guests were invited to dress up as their favorite characters from the novel. Many of the partygoers seemed to dress according to the 1920s theme, though many did not come dressed representing a specific character.

“The theme was decided probably because of Valentine’s Day. People showed up dressed up, and it was pretty fun to see. It’s hard to tell if girls were trying to dress up as Daisy (from the Great Gatsby) or just like girls in that time era did. Let’s go with Daisy,” Gomez said.

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