Amami brews interest

Delaney Worth, Staff Writer

“I think this is the best coffee in Pennsylvania …”  a voice murmurs over a steaming cappuccino at a cozy wooden table. It’s a surprise that anything can be heard above the steady buzz of voices in Amami Kitchen and Espresso Bar, which is just as busy on a Tuesday afternoon as you’d expect on a Saturday. Tables are scattered around the small space in a seemingly haphazard fashion, creating a feeling of comforting chaos as the owner saunters through the crevices, checking on everyone with cheerful concern.

Sitting within the little blue building on Market Street, you might forget you’re in Lewisburg. The crowd, the espresso bar, the assortment of gourmet snacks, and the inventive menu all evoke the feel of an urban café, perhaps a “Central Perk” of “Friends” fame—a place where anyone could go to escape with good friends and good coffee, not to mention delicious food. The menu changes often, and tries to emulate “an authentic Italian espresso bar experience accompanied by a delicious and innovating menu,” according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

There’s a breakfast section that includes interesting and mouth-watering options like croissant bagels and chai oatmeal, perfect to accompany any one of the many espresso, coffee, or tea options offered. The lunch menu is smaller, but it’s far from skimping on offerings. Four types of paninis and salads are offered, including vegetarian options.

“I didn’t think we needed another café here, but I was wrong,” Louis Tobias ’17 said. “You can go there alone, with some work, or with friends—it’s comfortable, it’s warm, the food is great. This place is just different, you feel like you’re somewhere else. It’s cool and classic.”

If you’re in town between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., don’t pass by this cozy blue house on the corner. There’s no better place to warm the soul on a frigid winter day.

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