Bison Athlete of the Week: Hannah Sunday

Lauren Whelan, Assistant Sports Editor

Starting the season with five wins and only a single loss on the weekend, the women’s water polo team was carried by the efforts of Hannah Sunday ’16, a third-year veteran. Sunday, who is also a co-captain, led the team in goals with a tally of 19 over the course of the opening weekend for the Bison. Sunday also contributed with 22 ejections drawn and seven steals in the first six match-ups for the Orange and Blue.

Throughout her career for the Bison, Sunday has already grabbed the top spot for ejections drawn in a season, holding the program record with 120. Her latest performances are proof that she is a serious contender for the overall ejections drawn record. Her current tally of 191 gives her the third place slot for the time being. Sunday also holds a record for the amount of goals scored in one game at seven goals—a feat which she accomplished Feb. 15, leading the Bison to a victory against VMI. She shares this seven-goal record with Meg Blitzer ’05, Valentina Rozas ’10, and Taylor Barnett ’15.

“The best part about this past weekend was just finally getting to play our first games. It was really great to get to see us fight and and win some close games. It was a really great way to start the season with such a fighting spirit,” Sunday said. 

“I think I forgot how hard it was to play six games in one weekend, so getting through that was tough,” Sunday said.

Despite this, 12 of Sunday’s 19 goals were scored on the final day of the tournament, proving her ability to truly power through.

The women’s water polo team hopes to continue its success this season as it moves along with its first 10 home-game stretch to start off.

“I think one of our biggest goals for this season is just to continue to get better as the season progresses. We have a lot of young talent and I think that we are only going to continue to grow as a team. I’m really looking forward to getting to continue to play with such an amazing group of girls and to see us grow over the season,” Sunday said. 


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