“Corq” shares campus events

Brianna Marshall, Senior Writer

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and the Campus Activities & Programs (CAP) Center are currently collaborating to introduce Corq to the University. Corq, an app designed exclusively for college events and activities, is already being used on approximately 250 campuses across the country.


Student leaders will be able to advertise their organization’s events with Corq by using a simple and easy process. After creating the event on the IN Network, the CAP Center will approve and post the event on Corq. The free app is searchable via interest filters such as art & music, cultural, or athletics. The CAP Center will oversee appropriately categorizing student events to best serve the interests of the University community.


“Corq is really designed for the user to provide an easy, one click-of-the-button approach to club and event information,” Director of Campus Activities and Programs Michael Duignan said.

Corq provides event information beyond date, time, and location. The app displays perks such as “free food” or “free stuff” to provide further incentive for student involvement. A distance filter also allows students to find off campus activities within walking, biking, or driving distance, as well as directions.


Social media also plays a role with Corq, allowing users to post events from the app to various platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Corq can also access Google calendar to remind students about upcoming events. Currently, many campus events are spread through students’ own social media accounts, which can be exclusive. However, Corq provides a more inclusive way to share information about events.


“The format is very aesthetically appealing and makes it easy for students to keep track of the activities that they would like to attend,” BSG President Alex Rosen ’16 said. “We hope that this app will be run by students and for students so that the displayed information is relevant to what the campus wants to see.”

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