Satirical website lightens University’s professional demeanor

Cooper Josephs, Assistant News Editor

To give a change of pace to the professionalism the University community displays daily, several anonymous students created a non-University sponsored, satirical news website on Feb 9. “The Bison Bugle,” whose motto is “Bucknell’s Finest News Source,” has already gained over 700 Facebook friends in less than a week.

While “The Bison Bugle” bases their website on being silly, it’s serious business when it comes to anonymity. The creators only agreed to talk via a phone interview, and they called from a blocked number.

The writers said they stay anonymous because they want their readers to feel like the articles could be written by any student attending the University. The staff members said they do not have any political agenda, and their sole purpose is entertainment.

Even when one becomes a staff member, anonymity is paramount. Only several staff members know each other’s names. Everyone else communicates through the organization’s third party email.

As of Feb. 14, the website had 10 total members, three of whom are women. Most staff members are engineers; they would not divulge their class year.

As fans of the national satirical news organization, “The Onion,” the “founding fathers” try to make the articles look as real as possible. They wanted to name their website “The Bunion,” but the name is already in use by Boston University’s satire news website.

“The articles were slightly amusing and pretty relevant,” Callan Kilroy ’18 said.

The website idea was created several weeks prior to its debut, and the creators plan to release weekly articles.

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