New alternative summer research program

Brianna Crichton, Staff Writer

A new University research program has been created for students interested in a non-traditional research opportunity. The Emerging Scholars in Interdisciplinary Studies Summer Research Program was initially only available to students throughout the school year.

 The eight to 10 week program encourages students to complete original research studies across diverse, interrelated subjects with the guidance of a staff mentor.

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Peter Wilshusen and Professor of Economics Jan Knoedler co-organized the program. Wilshusen said it contrasts traditional, more structured research projects.

“It’s an opportunity for exploratory conceptual and applied research,” Wilshusen said.

To demonstrate the program’s capabilities, Wilshusen mentioned a student whom he mentored last summer. Her study compared New York City and Sydney’s urban sustainability strategies.

During the summer, students will live on campus and meet with their corresponding professor once a week–most pairs will meet more frequently. After carrying out their independent research and writing formal reports, students will present their findings at the annual Kalman Symposium as well as other venues.

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