BSG Ball aims to unify students

Rachel Chou, Campus Life Editor

On Feb. 21, students dressed up in semi-formal attire for a register hosted by Bucknell Student Government (BSG).

As the night progressed, more people arrived to dance, eat, and enjoy the pool table, karaoke, photo shoot backdrop, and set music playlist submitted by Ethan Vynalek of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. 

“It was great seeing students of all backgrounds come out for the BSG Ball. I personally had a great time and enjoyed the overall atmosphere the event had to offer,” Class of 2016 President Connor Mclaughlin ’16 said.

As this was its first register of the new semester, BSG hopes to see future growth in these events. Members expect to make it a reoccurring register that will unify the various organizations on campus.

“There’s good food, and good decorations. I think this is a good starting point. We want to build on this and I think this can become a really big event. Obviously there were certain things that stopped people from coming, like the snow and other things going on tonight. We want to make sure BSG facilitates unity and inclusiveness, and if this event grows over the years we feel that this is an event that can bring the school together. It plays into everything we want this to be, and we want to make sure everyone is included,” Vice President of Finance Gregory Chassapis ’16 said.

There was an open bar with free drinks for those 21 and over, and an array of hors d’oeuvres that included bowl dip, meatballs, chicken bites, and Vietnamese style summer rolls.

“What a way to hit off my 21st birthday! I’m glad that BSG threw this Ball for me. Also, the bartender was the best,” Zephaniarh Jacob ’16 said.


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