Translating study abroad into your job search

Danielle Taylor, Contributing Writer

Forty-five percent of University students study abroad at some point during their college career. Whether it is for a full semester or a few weeks during a break, many students are traveling the world and creating life-long connections.

On Feb. 19, students talked about how to apply their study abroad experiences to the workforce at a luncheon workshop called “Translating Study Abroad into Career: How to Market Your International Experience.” The Career Development Center (CDC) hosted the event.

Facilitators elucidated how to professionally articulate a students’ study abroad skills by providing them with the opportunity to reflect on their time abroad. Several skills applicable to the work force included being immersed in foreign culture, taking classes taught in a different language, having an internship abroad, and interacting with individuals from different countries. The hour-long presentation encouraged students to further pursue the discussion with others.

“I thought it was a great idea for a discussion because I had been personally looking for a way to professionally talk about my abroad experience … but it was a bit rushed and I feel like the presenters might have had more insight and advice to share had we had more time,” Cynthia Moreno ’16 said.

While the presentation was geared towards those who have already studied abroad, some students planning on going abroad in the coming year took away plenty of advice from those who had already gone.

“Be open to being out of your comfort zone … I did something different and I loved it,” Michelle Dabkowski ’15 said.


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