ACE hosts relaxACEtion

Rachel Chou, Campus Life Editor

In the midst of the midterm craze, Activities & Campus Events (ACE) hosted a relaxACEtion event on Feb. 28 that included massage chairs and different stress relief themed stations.

There were several stations where students could create stress-relieving objects, such as a stress ball making station, an aroma reeds station where students could make a unique scent to place in their room, a mug painting station, and a tea bag making station.

There was also a Play-Doh station where students could sculpt balls of Play-Doh and reminisce about their elementary school days when the only project they had to worry about was a macaroni model of DNA.

“The Play-Doh station was my favorite part because it was my first time playing with Play-Doh after many years and was a great way to relieve stress. And the DIY tea bag station was really cool too; I really enjoyed the process of deciding how much of what would go into my teabag. The smell and taste was amazing too!” Sharon On ’18 said.

The Goo cake, a chocolate cake oozing with warm melted chocolate, also proved to be a hit.

“Goo cake is delicious, amazing, wonderful,” Jada Tinnin ’18 said.

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