Local Student in Hot Water After Saying Girlfriend’s Best Friend “Looks Nice Today”

Guy Efrat, Columnist

Senior Bucknellian Declan Smith is on the verge of a breakup after an incident in the courtyard earlier this week. Smith is currently dating fellow senior, Patricia Johnson or, as she is affectionately known as, “Krabby Patty.” The young couple met when Smith invited Johnson back to his room after an exchange of a few words in the bathroom at a downtown home.

Soon after, the two had started getting together a few times a week, often around 1 or 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Things really got serious for the two when Smith ordered Domino’s one evening after a party for the two of them to share. A relationship that was described by Johnson as “magical” and by Smith as “convenient” was blossoming in front of everyone’s eyes.

That was the case until Johnson’s best friend, Alexis McGee, passed the couple on her way to class on Monday morning. Johnson had just finished explaining to McGee why the dress couldn’t have possibly been white and gold because of an article she had read in People. As the conversation ended and the two parties went their separate ways, Smith turned to Johnson and said, “Well, Alexis looks nice today.” As soon as he uttered those words, Johnson began yelling emphatically at him saying, “What is that supposed to mean? You think I’m fatter than a whale?”

Assuming her questions were rhetorical, Smith stood there quietly for a while until Johnson turned around and walked away. Since the incident, the two have had little contact with one another and are close to calling it off. Johnson’s friends have said she is “heartbroken,” while Smith’s friends have said he is “around a lot more.” Hopefully, this lovely relationship will recover soon, but for now, it seems uncertain.

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