The ‘Nell Party Hosts Last Stand-Up Show of the Semester

Rachel Healy, Contributing Writer

 On March 20, Coleman 151 was crowded with students waiting for the stand-up comedy show to begin. The third and last show of the year had a large turn-out with students attempting to find an open spot to sit.

The show kicked off with Carly Krieger ’15, whose jokes ranged from a typical night as a University girl to Snapchat and family members.

“Carly is the funniest person to ever speak words,” Sam Pope ’16 said.

Following Krieger was Evan Turissini ’16, who joked about the poor quality of network television and very wealthy friends.

The show ended with Josh Popkin ’18, who told stories about Management 101, calling a professor “mom,” and impossibly hard tests.

The full room was an indication of the growing popularity of the comedy shows. The show was sponsored by the ’Nell Party, a new club on campus, and the comedy shows are only a portion of what the club does. According to the brainchild, founder, and president Popkin, the ’Nell Party attempts to bring students together using humor; its success speaks for itself given the amount of people who attend the events and watch the sketches.

The comedy shows and online videos, called sketches, are the two prominent aspects of the club. These sketches are filmed and then posted on the ’Nell Party’s Facebook page. The first sketch, “Bucknell Professors Reading Yaks,” was very popular and generated quite a bit of buzz around the new club last semester.

The ’Nell Party provides a place for those with comedic interests to come together whether they want to act, perform, or write.

“It’s like a political party in the way that we all buy into the same idea and that we all come together to work on one specific goal; for us that’s making people laugh,” Popkin said.

The theme of togetherness is important to all members of the ’Nell Party.  

“We don’t censor anyone, but we do have a lot of rehearsals before the show and the biggest thing is, ‘is it funny.’ Although we don’t censor, we’re really big on making sure that the jokes are not offensive. And if the jokes are edgy that’s fine, but if they are malicious, then we don’t allow it. We’re not trying to offend anyone or make a point,” Popkin said.

The ’Nell Party has done a great job of inspiring laughter on campus.

“It was really funny! I’m glad that we have a comedy club on campus that focuses on making everyone laugh, we all need a little laughter!” Hayley Schultz ’15 said of Friday night’s show.

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