BSG elects new VP of Finance

Caroline Fassett, Senior Writer

With roughly a month of school left, it seemed rather unlikely that any big, unforeseen changes were to occur on campus. Yet on March 22, Charlotte Clegg ’17 was approved by the majority vote of the slate of the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) and officially elected the new Vice President of Finance for the Executive Board.

Alex Rosen ’16, president of the BSG Executive Board, stated that Greg Chassapis ’16, the former Vice President of Finance, had decided that he would no longer be able to fulfill the requirements for the position, and thereby resigned.

“It’s a very big time commitment, and he recognized that, and was able to [tell us] in an early fashion so that we could potentially get a new VP of Finance,” Rosen said.

On March 5, the Executive Board issued applications in search of a replacement, and then conducted interviews with those who applied throughout the week of March 16, directly following spring break. While many applicants were qualified, Rosen stated that one distinctly stood out from the rest.

In addition to being the only applicant who brought a résumé to the interview, Clegg visibly held a desire to be involved on campus, according to Rosen.

“Charlotte was one of the few who showed a genuine interest in helping the entire student body, that passion for BSG and all that we are able to do. From her application it was very clear that she would not only be able to do what we expect from her, but thrive in every single endeavor that we would put her through,” Rosen said.

An Accounting & Financial Management major, Clegg serves as the treasurer for the Catholic Campus Ministry and regularly attends campus events relating to finance. The summer following her freshman year, Clegg worked as an intern for an investment company near her home; this coming summer, she is tackling both an internship for a different investment company, uTrade Solutions, as well as a separate externship.

Clegg said that once she received the news that BSG was looking for a new VP of Finance, she immediately knew to apply.

“I was really, really excited about it. I really wanted to get involved with BSG, and get more involved with Bucknell in general, and I saw the opportunity in front of me to do exactly what I wanted to do,” Clegg said.

Currently, Will Persing ’15, who has been in the Finance Committee for the past four years, is serving as the temporary VP of Finance, and in the following weeks will help train Clegg for the position. Once she is fully situated, Clegg is hoping to accomplish much in her new role.

“I don’t just want to improve the finances and the efficiency of it all; I want to contribute as much as I can. It’s really awesome to be here, and to know what’s going on on campus, and to feel like I can make a little bit of a change in the things that need to be improved,” Clegg said.

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