Yes, We Shall Gather by the River

Rachel Hannon, Contributing Writer

There’s a national environmental crisis and we are in a unique point to make a difference. At the University, the issue does not stem from lack of knowledge, but lack of passion. We have the resources to make an impact, but current campus interest in the environment only extends as far as a recycling bin label. We can change this. Where we are located has the potential to instill a genuine appreciation of nature—we just need to utilize it.

Our campus sits on a river. Everyone acknowledges this fact to the extent that it is on the seal, yet the actual river is not a central aspect of our campus culture. We need to begin to use the river to our advantage. By building up the landing we can create an area that encourages the campus to care about the environment that surrounds us. The current landing is not sufficient. We need a place where we can cultivate our passion.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts,” Rachel Carson said in her book, “Silent Spring.” There are incomparable meditative advantages to being a part of nature.

What better place could there be to study for finals than along the shores of the Susquehanna? Immerse yourself in nature. Take a vested interest. Get some motivation. Currently the Bucknell Landing only exists as an exit from the river.

We should take the initiative to refurbish this space. The University could have a park on the Susquehanna River. An outlet to nature on campus could dramatically alter campus culture; the best way to get people to care about nature is to immerse them in it. The Susquehanna is a gorgeous river. We should make it a more central aspect of campus culture. The park should be managed by a student-run committee to maintain an interest in the area.

Our water drains into the Susquehanna, so whether we care or not we are directly connected to it. Our actions impact our surroundings whether we’re aware of it or not. We might as well enjoy it. A park will allow us to embrace our surroundings.

Our University isn’t located in the middle of nowhere—it’s located in the middle of nature.



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