Understanding water usage

John Kirna, Contributing Writer

Do you ever consider the environmental and economic consequences of showering for half an hour just because you like the way it feels? The typical shower head on campus uses an excess of water in a short time period, creating a campus-wide waste of resources.

The University’s Sustainability Initiative is a major new way for the University to improve its image both locally and worldwide, giving every student the opportunity to be a participant. The University should be doing all that is in its power to make this possible for students, because the University is trying so hard to make sustainability an important attribute of the school. The students who create the culture on this campus should be the ones seeing sustainability firsthand in almost all aspects of student life.

Sustainability should not be considered in just economic or financial terms, but rather the positive action of saving resources, energy, materials, and everyday items. Sustainability is the part of campus that must give back when every other action takes. One of the most important resources to the University is water—specifically the water used to shower. That is why it is imperative that the school makes the change to low-flow shower heads.

This technology will reduce the total amount of water that students use on campus, lowering costs and giving a return that every student will be able to notice throughout his or her daily routine.

Students tend to take long showers, but if the University is able to install shower heads that provide the user two gallons per minute instead of three to four gallons per minute, then the campus will see an outstanding change in total water usage. Students may not be timing how long their showers are every day, but if they are using less water for their showers for the same amount of time, then they will already be saving money and resources without even realizing it.

Having an EcoFlow shower head is also a great way for students to recognize that they are doing something helpful by using less water. The benefits that the students will gain from being able to use these shower heads is the positive feedback that the school will be able to use to market their image. Actions need to be taken and the switch to low-flow is a no-brainer for anyone weighing the options. Change is not always fun or easy but when a change is being made for a more positive future, the action is always necessary.

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