A Flying Bison Cashier’s Adventure

Katrina Lee, Contributing Writer

When Dominique Ruszala ’17 applied to be a Flying Bison cashier two months ago, she didn’t realize that she was about to witness some of the most hilarious and entertaining scenes on campus.

“I get to see the side of Bucknell that they don’t put on the brochures,” Ruszala said.

Ruszala says she goes to work every night not knowing what is going to happen. She recalls her first night of work when a girl asked if she could pay with her BUID number. When Ruszala replied no, the girl became so desperate that she shouted “Take my iPhone!” and pushed it through the window.

This has actually become a very normal scene at the Flying Bison. After midnight, anything unexpected could happen.

“One time the truck was really busy and there were 30 numbers behind the order. People just got really upset and started climbing onto the truck,” Ruszala said.

As a cashier, Ruszala’s job is to take everyone’s order and call their number when the food is ready. She also has to help prepare the food—slicing cheese, making the cheese sauce, and preparing the containers for ketchup. She said that many people may not notice that the truck’s signature fried mac ’n cheese actually takes five hours to prepare, which is the most time-consuming part.

Even though she has to work long hours from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, she feels that time passes quickly in a blink.

Apart from seeing people doing crazy things, Ruszala said she also has a great time working with her two colleagues from Dining Services who freely tell her their entire life-stories.

“Even though they yell at everyone because they get on their nerves, they are actually really nice people,” Ruszala said.

She added that a simple greeting will be much appreciated for students who come for a late-night snack.

“My co-workers are always sad as no one ever thanks them or says hi to them,” Ruszala said.

Ruszala has also been longing for the moment that students would approach her and ask if she is a Flying Bison cashier.

“I am disappointed because I was waiting to be so popular for everyone being like ‘Yo! You served nacho tots last night,’ but this never happens,” Ruszala said.

Next time when you go for the delicious food at the Flying Bison, just don’t forget to thank the staff for cooking and serving you—as this does mean something to them.

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