Spring Trends

Delaney Worth, Contributing Writer

When the days get longer and the grass gets greener, a new spirit pervades the University. You can feel the excitement in the air—everyone is cheerful, laughing as they walk to class or grab lunch on the Bison patio. Walking from uphill to class is more tolerable, walks into town more frequent; overall, life is just better. At least, those are the days we’re waiting for. As the temperature slowly creeps up, those sunny walks and hours of studying on the quad linger in our minds, and accompanied with those dreams comes one fundamental transition—saying goodbye to our winter wardrobes.

As spring rolls around, we trade our heavy coats and scarves for lighter apparel. Everyone has that one staple piece for spring, and a few students offered up their fashion favorites as we approach this magical time of the year.

“Sundresses,” Brennan Sharkey ’18 said. “They’re really comfortable but look nice; I don’t really like jeans. Don’t put your winter clothes away because it might start snowing,” Sharkey said, looking out the window at the wintry weather.

Sara Christian ’18 is a fan of kimonos.

“I like their patterns and that they’re really light, so you can wear them in warm weather,” Christian said.

Christian agrees with Sharkey on the uncertain weather, however. “Keep your winter clothes handy because spring can be misleading,” Christian said. “Shout out to the snow outside right now.”

On the men’s side, Louis Tobias ’17 thinks a sparkly shrug “just hits the right note, whatever the occasion.” On transferring wardrobes, he advocates an “all-at-once approach. Just debut it all. Make a statement.”

Whether you’re a fan of statement pieces or the light cotton, spring fashion is versatile and sure to bring along a transition of spirits. Those warm days are just around the corner!

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