Letter to the Editor 1


To the Editor:

Racism on our campus is antithetical to the mission of the university and hostile to the inclusive environment Bucknell rightly aims to foster. The undersigned members of the Bucknell Feminist Front stand in solidarity with those who seek to identify and eradicate all vestiges of white supremacy that persist in our behavior and culture. We support the right of community members to express their fear, anger, pain, and fatigue in conversations with peers, faculty, and administrators, and in civil public forums. Those who do so should not have to worry about retaliation, and should know that many others share their thoughts and sentiments and still others are willing to learn from them.

Every member of the campus community shares the responsibility to change Bucknell. When we witness or experience racist behavior, we vow and beseech all members of the community to respond bravely by calling it out, reporting it, or seeking assistance from anti-racist allies.


Ashli Baker

Janice Butler

Beth Capaldi

Peg Cronin

Coralynn Davis

Erica Delsandro

Katie Edwards

John Enyeart

Bill Flack

Judy Grisel

Sue Ellen Henry

Jason Leddington

Sheila Lintott

Deirdre O’Connor

Lynn Pierson

Susan Reed

Clare Sammells

Martha Shaunessy

James Shields

Jennie Stevenson

Claire Vaye Watkins

Amanda Wooden

Nikki Young

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