Sustainability symposium presents innovation

Margaret Ekblom, Staff Writer

The University’s annual Sustainability Symposium was a two-day event this year, from March 26 through March 27. The first day of the symposium was geared toward faculty speakers and a lecture given by Jason McLennan, the founder of the Living Building Challenge. All the events on March 26 focused on shaping sustainability from multiple perspectives.

The faculty presentations included: “Imagine,” presenting the overlay between ecology and economy; “Design,” sustainable building design; and “Create,” which explained social science methodologies.

On March 27, students were able to attend round table sessions on all topics of sustainability. Students set up their posters throughout the Larison Dining Hall and presented ways in which they put sustainability into action. Many of these posters that the students created could very much be Green Fund ideas, which provides start-up money for campus sustainability projects. The sustainability classes at the University were able to demonstrate their thinking of what it means to be sustainable and how the University can easily meet the terms they suggested on their posters.

A discussion with a representative from Dickinson College sparked conversation due to Dickinson having a much stronger sustainability program throughout their collegiate ways of living, according to Associate Professor of Management Neil Boyd.

“Bucknell can achieve a much higher sustainable status by implementing Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECO)–students in various groups on campus such as sports teams, club leaders, and multiple majors,” Boyd said.

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