Greek Man of the Month: Michael Schwartz

Greek Man of the Month: Michael Schwartz

Name: Michael Schwartz

Hometown: Frisco, TX

Greek Organization: LXA

Year: Junior (2016)

Major: Accounting & Financial Management

GPA: 3.90

Role on Campus or in Fraternity:

 Prior President of Lambda Chi Alpha

 Freshman Class Representative for the Class of 2016

 Co-Chair of the Bucknell Finance Network

 Member of the Committee of Diversity

Reason for Nomination:

After a presidential term that led Lambda Chi Alpha from on probation to one

of the most involved fraternities on campus and winning IFC’s “Emerging Leader

Award”, Mike Schwartz eschewed a second term to study abroad in England with

fellow Lambda Chi Chris Balderston ’16, where they are working with various

financial institutions learning the ropes of international finance, as well as travelling

all over and impressing Brits with his infectious Texan charm.

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