Documentary project addresses campus climate

Mamta Badlani, Contributing Writer

In light of the recent events on campus, students Ashley Lopez ’18 and Nicole Fry ’18 have set out to create a documentary addressing matters that negatively impact the lives of University students.

The documentary, titled “THE PROJECT: [B]E YO[U]” will consist of interviews from students, faculty, and staff, with a focus on their individual experiences as members of the University community.

The project’s title, which emphasizes the B and the U, represents the documentary’s focus on the University, while the name itself highlights that each individual student is different. The title accentuates the need to embrace those differences in order to be a more inclusive community.

“We believe this project will cause Bucknell to open its eyes to the reality that these issues do happen on its campus,” Lopez said.

The documentary is set to be released by the beginning of the fall 2015 semester so it can be shared with incoming first-year and transfer students unaware of what life is like at the University.

“We are hoping to evoke sympathy within Bucknell’s community in order to create more room for understanding and constructive discussion over what really takes place on campus.,” Lopez said.

While the project’s leaders, Lopez and Fry, are both only in their first year at the University, they are passionate about taking the initiative to facilitate change on campus.

“As first-years, we have been exposed to Bucknell’s imperfections and how people on this campus constantly talk about making a change, and putting their best foot forward, but no one really does anything. We decided to take it upon ourselves to try to give people on this campus a voice, and capture what life on Bucknell’s campus is like through the eyes of its students and staff,” Lopez said.

The project is only in its beginning stages, but has received a largely welcoming response from students and University community members eager to participate.

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