Annual Showcase puts spotlight on choreographers

Courtney Wren, Campus Life Layout Editor

On April 3 and 4, the spring Choreographers’ Showcase took place in Tustin Studio Theatre. Student directors Liz Higgins ’15 and Christen Moribondo ’16 organized the show and made sure it ran smoothly.

Fifteen students enrolled in the Dance Composition course choreographed original dances as part of their curriculum. The pieces choreographed ranged in style—from hip-hop to lyrical, with tones ranging from serious to joyful.

Many of the student choreographers were pleased with how the show came together.

“It was a long and pretty nerve-wracking process, but I had a lot of fun with it. I was very happy with how my dance turned out,” Brittany Hurley ’17 said.

Dancers in the show were equally pleased with the performance.

“Even though it was a smaller cast this semester, everyone was just as supportive and excited to perform. There’s so much talent from both the choreographers and the dancers, and it continues to amaze me that the whole thing is student run,” Liz Hammond ’18 said.

In addition to the Dance Composition choreographers, this show featured a dance choreographed by University of Tours Professor Marie Canal. Canal choreographed a piece called “That’s Why,” which explained the reasons each of the dancers chose to dance.

“Her dance was a unique and interesting change from what we usually see in the showcase performances. It was a great way to end the show!” Hurley said. 

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