Solidarity Ceremony to respond to racism on campus

Gillian Feehan, Senior Writer

In response to both the racist comments recently made on WVBU and other, less conspicuous instances of racism on campus, Bucknell Student Government (BSG) has partnered with various organizations across campus to plan and host a Solidarity Ceremony. The ceremony is designed to unite the University community and encourage everyone to take action against all forms of discrimination and prejudice on campus.

“The Solidarity Ceremony is intended to shed light upon the various and numerous ways that discrimination permeates our campus culture. This unavoidable issue can only be appropriately addressed and challenged if the entire campus community is able to be held accountable for their actions,” BSG President Alex Rosen ’16 said.

The Solidarity Ceremony will feature talented student speakers, a discussion facilitated by Common Ground, and an activity to promote unity. In addition, BSG will introduce a new Creed for the student body to embrace and uphold.

“We’re trying to center the voices of those most involved and give them a long overdue platform to express their frustrations and hopes for campus,” Mohammed Elnaiem ’16, a student involved in the ceremony planning, said.

Through this event, BSG hopes to unite the student body and form an alliance with those who have been affected by discrimination and prejudice. By coming together, the community will express that discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated and thus work to create a safe University for everyone.

“We cannot stand idly anymore while our peers experience drastically different Bucknell experiences,” Rosen said.

So far, the idea of the Solidarity Ceremony has been well received by the campus community. The ceremony has also garnered widespread support from clubs and organizations across campus, many of whom have promoted discussions regarding race and pledged a zero-tolerance policy to prejudice in response to the WVBU incident.

All members of the University community are encouraged to unite and attend the Solidarity Ceremony. The event will be held on April 14 from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. on the Academic Quad. In case of rain, the ceremony will be moved to Sojka Pavilion.

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