Students get sustainable at BEC’s SWAP

Rachel Chou, Campus Life Editor

As the weather grows warmer and hemlines get shorter, it’s out with the old and in with the new as students switch out their winter wardrobe for summer-ready clothes. To assist with the transition, the Bucknell Environmental Club (BEC) hosted a SWAP event on April 10 in Walls Lounge.

BEC has been hosting SWAP for the past few semesters.

“We were unable to get the event organized last semester, so we were excited to host it again,” BEC C0-President Elyse Pfleger ’17 said.

Students donated clothes throughout the week preceding the event, where items included T-shirts, handbags, and winter coats. On the day of the SWAP, Walls Lounge resembled a small thrift store, with the donations displayed on tables and hung on two large clothing racks. Donors were allowed to trade their clothes with those that were displayed around the room, a sustainable means of updating their summer wardrobe.

The four garbage bags of clothes that were left over from the event were donated to Transitions, a crisis center dedicated to ending familial violence and abuse. The donations will be given to survivors of assault, offering them one less expense to worry about as they are rehabilitating their lives.

“I had a bunch of old sweaters that I was planning on throwing away, so I was really happy to hear that this was happening. It’s a good feeling knowing that someone could really use it,” Gavi Berger ’16 said.

“The event ran smoothly and we are all so pleased with its impact! SWAP will be held next semester as well, and hopefully the event will continue for many subsequent semesters. We hope events like SWAP will help Bucknellians realize that it doesn’t take much to help both the earth and people in need. Thanks so much to everyone who helped!” Pfleger said.

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