BSG’s new TV enhances ELC’s technology

Caroline Fassett, Assistant News Editor

Bucknell Student Government (BSG) has implemented a brand-new NEC 80-inch industrial television on the bottom floor of the southern stairwell of the Elaine Langone Center (ELC). The television was funded by the BSG operating budget and installed on April 2, though BSG had devised the plan to install it as early as January.
“We felt that there was nothing, as it stands, that was student-run, that featured student-led information, or just like a database that consisted of everything the students are doing. I know the Message Center has that purpose, but often it’s inundated with things that students often don’t necessarily care about, for lack of better words,” BSG President Alex Rosen ’16 said.

Director of Campus Activities & Programs Mike Duignan worked with the University tech staff and facilities in removing the glass case that had previously occupied that area in addition to picking the TV size and mounting it. From working with the television company and different departments, Duignan obtained a timelines sheet and helped BSG choose the ideal television.

“A standard home TV is set for three to five hours of watching. This TV is set for 20 hours of continuous use daily,” Duignan said.

Currently, the television is running various video clips and screening information, such as the week’s impending forecast, as a means of testing various features of the television and determining what is decidedly visually appealing, according to Rosen.

“What the actual purpose [of the television] is to project what the students are doing, and right now it is that, but it’s not exactly what we had envisioned, but we’re still figuring out the software,” Rosen said.

In addition to having the ability to stream videos, the television will act as a source of advertising for various clubs and will broadcast various posters that are requested to be shown.

“People like the fact that students are taking the initiative to advertise, and it’s easier for them, not having to go through administrative barriers and loopholes,” Rosen said.

Rosen said that BSG intends to also use the television as a succinct calendar that indicates the days of all the student-run events and programs scheduled by organizations and clubs on campus, rather than just those recognized by BSG. They expect it to get a lot of traffic because it will pertain to everything students are or may want to be involved in.

“I have been told it looks so much nicer that it grabs your attention. That [students] now know what is going on. It is very engaging and modernizes the space,” Duignan said.

“The TV looks awesome. It’s a great addition to a great school,” Libby Warner ’18 said.

From speaking with leaders of various clubs and organizations at campus student leadership and media luncheons, Rosen received a lot of support and positive feedback about the project.

“I’m really excited about this. Now that it’s come into commission, it’s awesome to actually see things that we want to do be made tangible,” Rosen said.

“I believe this TV and [its] content will continue to adapt and change with the demands of our students. This does modernize the space, and provide new ways to engage our students. Plus, the addition of the TV will help to cut down on the cost of paper and resources, and allows us to make updates by a click of a button,” Duignan said.

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