Letter to Editor 1 – Issue 12

To the Bucknell community,

Recently, the campus community became aware that members of our community expressed hateful and violent thoughts on a radio show. This event has prompted a significant amount of pain, resistance, and self-reflection. As Peer Writing Consultants, we feel it is our mission to help others grow and learn, both in their academic and personal lives. The recent events on campus have highlighted the fact that not everyone feels equally supported, or even safe, in pursuing this growth and learning.

Thus, the undersigned stand in solidarity with all who are affected by the daily realities of racism on campus. We will continue to strive to make the Writing Center a safe space through our intolerance of racist and violent sentiments within our staff. In our work with others, we encourage discussion about differences, recognizing the growth that may come from uncomfortable conversations. We aim to support all who seek our help through the active celebration of difference, and through a vigilant commitment to be vocal about injustice.

We acknowledge that at times the institutions and structures in place at our University inhibit this kind of growth and change. However, we also recognize that individuals are responsible for making the changes in their own lives that they wish to see reflected in the rest of the community. We understand that we cannot single-handedly end the racism and other injustices on campus, but if everyone works together in dialogue surrounding these issues, we may begin to make meaningful change.

Let’s make Bucknell a home for everyone.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Gonthier ’15

Courtney Nelson ’15

Ashlynn Trimmer ’16

Eve Wulf ’17

Christine Cremonni ’16

Amanda Relick ’17

Sarah Andrews ’16

Zoe Russell ’17

Andranae Nelson ’17

Christina Principe ’17

Martin Parian ’17

Cameron Norsworthy ’15

Katie Long ’15

Mary Morris ’15

Cristina Martin ’15

Nick Salvo

Ally Flessel ’15

Dana Ray

Emily Evancho ’16

Erin Harvey ’15

Sarah Decker ’17

Mary Helen Schwartz ’15

Audrey Love ’16

Tori Mold ’15

Avid Khorramian ’17

Maddie Pleskonko ’17

Annie Powderly ’15

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