Letter to the Editor 3 – Issue 12

Dear Bucknellians,

Last month, our University experienced one of its saddest moments. The very public event on WVBU brought to the forefront the challenges that our students from under-represented backgrounds face on a regular basis.


As members of this community, we will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other form of discrimination. We know that, despite our best efforts, these issues cannot be solved overnight. Combating these issues will require countless acts, both large and small, by Bucknell’s senior leaders as well as each individual member of this community.


We are encouraged by the early efforts of the President’s Diversity Council, which announced the Diversity Plan in April 2014. We believe that has led to tangible improvement in several areas, including faculty and student recruitment. And while we believe the institution reacted swiftly to the WVBU incident, and has taken and planned a number of steps and actions to improve the situation, we know that so much more needs to be done. These early steps are just the beginning. The process won’t play out over days and weeks, but months, years, and beyond.


As alumni in an ever-increasing global society, we work and live in diverse, complex communities. For our institution to remain relevant in the future, it too must be a shining example of how to live, engage, think, and work in a diverse world.


Ultimately, we will not be defined by this low point in our history, but by how we emerge from it. It is incumbent upon all of us to answer the question: What will we do to make our community more inclusive? We need to be aware, we need to listen, and we need to engage.

The Bucknell University Alumni Association Board of Directors
The Bucknell Black Alumni Association Board of Directors
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