A List of Grievances to the Heat

Amanda Relick, Columnist

When the fall semester rolls around, we expect the weather to feel, well, like fall. It is in fact just the beginning of September, but the weather won’t seem to quit reminding us that if we didn’t have classes to attend, we still could be sitting on the beach. Hearing everyone complain about the heat on campus this week, I’ve created a list of grievances that nearly every University student can relate to:

  1. All the time. Walking to class, sitting in class, sitting in any unairconditioned space for over two minutes.
  2. You must give yourself enough time to walk slowly up the treacherous hills in the heat so that you don’t arrive to class as a completely melted puddle instead of a human.
  3. Paying more attention to how much you are sweating in class than to what your professor is actually saying.
  4. It’s too hot to do anything outside. Laptops do not like the hot sun.
  5. Looking nice or wearing makeup is laughable because you will look like a mess as soon as you take a few steps outside.
  6. Not knowing it was possible to sweat so much at a party. Forget about impressing anyone; hold your place in front of the fan as if your life depended on it.
  7. Actually having to do laundry because your clothes are gross.
  8. The beautiful weather is taunting you to come outside and play, but the library knows you have 50 pages of reading to do by tomorrow.
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