7th Street Studio pilots sewing class

Elizabeth Worthington, Contributing Writer

For anyone who’s dreamed of the gratification that comes from making his or her own clothes or accessories from scratch–rejoice! This semester, Seventh Street Studio is offering a new class called Sewing Studio I.

Beginning on Sept. 15 and lasting for seven weeks, the class will take place on Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m. The cost is $35 for University students and $85 for faculty, staff, and the rest of the local community.

The instructor, Wendy Parks, is highly qualified to teach such a class. Parks received her BA in fine arts from Wesleyan University and her MAT in art and design education from the Rhode Island School of Design. She spent three years in Massachusetts teaching art but now resides in Lewisburg with her husband, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies Mitchell H. Parks. She also maintains her own practice by doing custom sewing work for her Etsy shop, Thread and Ginger.

“I really missed teaching. I was so excited when I found out about the Bucknell Craft Center and learned that I could teach sewing there,” Parks said. 

Parks says that the class is designed for those who want to gain a solid foundation on the basic techniques in sewing in order to sew more complex projects later. Students will learn the basic techniques involved in sewing, work with a variety of materials, and complete many different projects. Each week the class will sew something new, from a simple head scarf to a tote bag.

“Sewing Studio I is an opportunity to enjoy the creative process, learn new skills, and make a variety of fun and useful projects,” Parks said.

This is a beginner-level class so no prior experience is necessary. Parks encourages anyone to take this class, even those who have never thought about sewing before.

“I think in today’s world of fast fashion it is important for everyone to slow down and take the time to make something with their own hands to really see what goes into the production of goods, and better appreciate the time and artistry of well-made objects,” Parks said.

“I find that watching a project take shape in front of my eyes from a pile of materials to a finished product is immensely satisfying. Not only is sewing useful, it’s super fun!” Parks said. 

Because the class is new, Parks says she just hopes she gets enough people for it to run. If all goes well, she hopes to run an upper-level class in the spring.

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