BSG Election Results


Caroline Fassett, Assistant News Editor

With much controversy and confusion surrounding the first week back at the University, it comes as a pleasure that each class now has elected students to unite and represent its common interests. On Sept. 4, the newly-elected representatives of the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) were announced in a mass email written by BSG President Alex Rosen ’16.

Connor McLaughlin ’16 has served in BSG since his first year at the University, acting as Secretary/Treasurer and Vice President before winning re-election to serve as Class President for his third consecutive semester. Jessica Britton ’16 and Ben Miller ’16 won their respective elections for Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.

“I’m ecstatic to have been reelected this year so that I can continue much of the work that still needs to be done for my class. I feel that I am the right person for the job because I can combine superb organization skills with a passion for both service and collaboration,” McLaughlin said.

Danielle Taylor ’17 will act as her class’s Vice President and Tom Ciccotta ’17 will act as its Secretary/Treasurer. Like McLaughlin, Nina Nevarez ’17 won re-election for Class President and expressed her excitement to continue handling Congress class meetings in addition to raising money for the class and hosting class unity events.

“I’m very passionate about issues facing both the university and the student body and I believe BSG has a huge impact that many people are unaware of. I care deeply about Bucknell and its future,” Nevarez said.

Class President Nigel Ravida ’18, who last year acted as Class Senator and Diversity Committee representative in BSG, said that he has the confidence to take on this leadership position and expressed his ideas to hold events this year that “are more laid back and easy going,” like movie nights or bonfires. He will be serving alongside Vice President Anna Millar ’18 and Secretary/Treasurer Emily Barnes ’18.

“Serving as a Senator last year was a great experience for me because I was able to learn how our student government operates and work with the incredible faculty and staff that our school has while making lasting connections with my fellow Congress members. This year I wanted to take on more responsibility in serving my graduating class,” Ravida said.

Class President Dean Rizzo ’19, who served as his high school’s Secretary in his junior year, is aiming “to improve the everyday lives of … students here at Bucknell” in his desire to help any community that he’s a part of. Emily Shapiro ’19 and Laura Bart ’19 will work with him to meet that goal, acting as their class’s Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively.

“With the cast of people we have, and the different perspectives everyone brings to the table, we can accomplish a lot together and make this year a productive one,” Rizzo said.

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