Athletes You May Know


Avid Khorramian, Staff Writer

Name: Adam Bradshaw ’17

Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario
Major: Accounting and Financial Management
Team/Position: Men’s Soccer, Defender
What is it like balancing athletics and academics? “It helps you learn how to manage your time efficiently and develop a certain level of discipline. Mostly though, it’s fun having an athletic pursuit to balance out your academic focus.”

Name: Johnathan “Chief” Coleman ’19
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
Major: International Relations and Political Science
Team/Position: Men’s Water Polo, Attacker
What is it like balancing athletics and academics? “I really have to just manage my time and keep track of my assignments and stay awake to do my homework even after a hard practice. As long as I stay on top of my work it’s not too difficult.”

Name: Katie Price ’16
Hometown: Los Angeles 
Major: Economics and Political Science
Team/Position: Women’s Volleyball, Libero/Defensive Specialist
What is it like balancing athletics and academics? “The jersey never comes off—meaning, whether in the classroom, competing in a match, or engaging in other community events, we are always representing our team and the Bucknell Athletic Department. Having a team of women who are all invested in each other’s success on and off the court makes the hours of hard work mean more than simply your performance statistics or your GPA—they are team victories.”

Name: Lizzie Sheprow ’17
Hometown: Sea Girt, N.J.
Major: Psychology and Markets, Innovation, and Design
Team/Position: Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field, Distance and Steeplechase
What is it like balancing athletics and academics? “I have never been a student without also being an athlete, and I feel that balancing the two helps me to be more effective at both roles.”
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