Editorial: Why we participate


An editorial written in one of the previous issues discussed student involvement on campus. Building upon progress from last semester and improving students’ engagement is something that we want to continue.

The optimistic tone of last semester’s editorial represents an increase in student involvement that had been seen throughout the prior year, and it is certainly something that can be attained again in this semester. 

A few events last year helped to “keep the conversation going” and promote student involvement, but more can be done.  Students are involved in many time-consuming events in addition to their classes. From different organizations, jobs, sports, community service commitments, and more, these activities allow students to put their skills and passions into something outside of their schooling.  While this is great, there is something that needs further examination.  

The idea that we would like to offer in this edition of the editorial is for students to think about why they are joining, participating in, and supporting the different organizations and clubs they are involved in.

It’s common for students to go through their schedules and finish everything they have marked down for the week without ever thinking about what they just did. Many students on campus finish class, go to the gym, attend a meeting for their Greek organization or for a club, and still have time for work and a meal. While that’s great, there should be strong reasons for why they want to be a part of every single one of those activities.    

Whether one decides to participate in an activity to meet new people, for a resumé boost, or for pure enjoyment, there should be a valid reason for why he or she is participating in it. 

Not only are students willing to participate in the things that they do and show support for others, but the rate at which they do all of this is even greater. As students of a prestigious university, we expect to have a lot on our plates, and we do a good job at handling all of it. Thinking more often about some of the activities we are involved in can help us better understand their importance in our lives and why we are doing them in the first place.  


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