The Onion to peel its layer here

Caroline Fassett, Assistant News Editor

The entire student body, particularly aspiring journalists or comedy whizzes, should take note of the speakers arriving on campus later this fall. On Oct. 27, three editors of “The Onion,” an American digital media company and news satire organization, will be coming to campus to run two simultaneous workshops in various classrooms and then lead a panel discussion in the Weis Center.. This will be followed by a reception and then a meet and greet with the audience. The event, which is brought to campus by the Bucknell Student Lectureship Committee, is open for all students to attend.

“I’m excited to see that America’s most reputable news source is coming to Bucknell. I’m definitely going to attend,” Tim Kim ’16 said.

The featured speakers from “The Onion” include the organization’s Editor-in-Chief Cole Bolton, ClickHole Editor Jermaine Alfonso, and Senior Writer Jocelyn Richard. One of the workshops conducted by the editors will be more oriented towards comedy and entertainment, while the other will focus primarily on writing, with the editors discussing what exactly they write about and how they get their ideas for articles.

Devon Wasson ’17 is the Chair of Marketing and Outreach for the Student Lectureship Committee, which brings one lecturer to campus each semester. Wasson said that “The Onion” editors reached out to the Committee, and in response the Committee circulated a survey to the student body to seek its input about bringing “The Onion” to the University. Evidently, they received a positive response.

“[In our Committee,] there’s the pre-planning stage, where [we discuss] who we want to give a lecture, then it’s figuring out who the students want to give a lecture, and then there’s actually hiring the speaker. Then there’s the planning stage, which is [figuring out] how we want to advertise and how much we want to advertise. Then as it gets closer, [there’s] setting up the logistics of the event,” Wasson said.

Lacey Gavala ’18, the secretary of the Committee, said that students all across campus should be excited for the event.

“It’s just funny. A lot of the articles are extremely relatable, especially for students in journalism, or students interested in comedy. And that’s really cool,” Gavala said.

“I’m really excited about it. The Onion highlights important issues through a little bit of humor,” Maddy Simon ’18 said.

Wasson and Gavala said that throughout the event “The Onion” editors will be talking about how they get their information, what they do with it, how they get their satirical ideas, and overall how they create an “Onion” article.

Each workshop begins at 5 p.m and will be 45 minutes long. At the panel, which will last from 7-8:30 p.m., the editors will all be contributing their respective inputs about what goes into successful satire journalism in comparison to regular journalism.

“Workshops are completely sign-up based. It’s not something anyone can go to; they have to be signed up. That way, [the workshops provide for] a more intimate setting. The Onion’ writers then can really work with the students, making the workshops functional,” Gavala said.

Wasson said that students very interested in this forthcoming lecture should feel encouraged to apply to the Student Lectureship Committee. If not, they should keep on the lookout for the lecturer visiting campus in the spring, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“Attending a lecture is a pretty unique opportunity. Students should make the most out of the opportunities that are given to them,” Wasson said.

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