Director to Come to Lewisburg on September 29th

Rachel Healy, Campus Life Editor


On Sept. 29, the Tuesday Film/Media Series continues with a screening of “Queen of Earth” and an introduction from director Alex Ross Perry. The film, starring Elisabeth Moss of “Mad Men” and Katherine Waterston, is Perry’s fourth film.

“Queen of Earth” is an independent film both written and directed by Perry. Released Aug. 26 of this year, the film has yet to be screened in Pennsylvania.

Exploring concepts of isolation and estrangement, “Queen of Earth” is a jarring experience for the viewer, as the film blends delusions with reality. Moss’s performance as the recently dumped and emotionally fragile Catherine has been hailed as brilliant. Subtly eerie, this psychological thriller tests the bounds of friendship and explores what motivates people to seek out isolation.

 The Sept. 29 showing of “Queen of Earth” will be held at 7 p.m. in the Campus Theatre.

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