Bostwick hosts 20th bi annual local foods dinner

Rachel Chou, Opinions Editor

On Sept. 23, Bostwick Marketplace hosted its 20th bi-annual Local & Organic Foods Dinner. The program, called “FarmSource,” invites local farmers and suppliers from a 150-mile radius.

“It’s a dinner where we can exhibit the partnership with local partners and suppliers so that we can give a face to the name for the students,” Brittany Lynch, the marketing manager for dining services, said.

Some of the items vendors offered students included caramel-dipped granny smith apples, popcorn, bruschetta, apples, and yogurt.

“It’s amazingly fresh and fits the season,” Elias Strizower ’17 said.

Some of the vendors included Byers Blueberry Farm from Allenwood, Pa., Kegel’s Produce from Lancanster, Pa., Dries Orchard from Paxinos, Pa., and Schneider Valley Farms from Williamsport, Pa. 

General Manager of resident dining John Cummins says that he strives for the highest amount of locally produced ingredients. Approximately 30 percent of ingredients are locally sourced, as a way of supporting both sustainability and the local economy. 

“Bucknell dining service and our company really believes in the value of doing business with local people in the area for a number of reasons. For one, we know it helps the local economy, and especially since we live in a part of the country with a bounty of produce, we’re committed to introduce as much as we can into the food we serve here. Carbon footprint is part of this, and supporting the community is a big part of doing this. We recognize that we have a responsibility, especially as an institution that wants and demands social consciousness regarding food,” Cummins said.


“It’s awesome that Bostwick supports local vendors by serving their food and produce,” Emma Halper ’17 said.


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