Student Organization Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

Rachel Healy, Campus Life Editor


Everyone expects a place to eat, sleep, and live; most people have such a place and they call it home. The University’s Habitat for Humanity chapter works to provide housing to people who lack such stability.

“We are collaborating with the Snyder-Union-Northumberland County Habitat and Susquehanna University’s chapter to finish up a rehabilitation build from last semester and to continue building another house in Northumberland,” Habitat for Humanity President Zephaniarh Jacob ’16 said.

On Saturdays, volunteers donate their time to building homes for those in need. These volunteers complete almost all of the construction.

In addition to the volunteering, Habitat for Humanity also hosts fundraisers.

“Many generous donors have made it possible for our chapter to contribute financially to the building of Habitat houses,” Jacob said.

The University’s Habitat for Humanity chapter is making a change in the community, one home at a time.

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